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Tips: Trail Safety with Your Dog

February 13, 2018 | Natural Pawz

  • Make sure to have a firm grip on your leash, there are lots of distractions for dogs in parks.

  • A shorter leash will keep your dog from getting in too much trouble; when they are close to you, you'll have better control.

  • A harness is ideal for taking your dog out and about, leash pulling on a collar can lead to serious health issues.

  • It's always best to have a training treat bag with you while you're out and about. Having a snack can help to keep your dog paying attention to you and out of trouble.

  • In case your dog gets into a scrap with another, it's good to have a Pet Corrector on hand. This device uses pressurized air to make a hissing noise that is very effective at breaking up fights and all sorts of training.

  • Having a portable water bottle or bowl is essential even in the winter. Dogs can get dehydrated during cold weather as well as heat. Natural Pawz carries a variety of handy portable bottles and bowls for hydration on the go.

  • Enjoying the great outdoors means BUGS! Find a natural solution that is more eco-friendly (the parks will appreciate it!) at any Natural Pawz for repelling fleas, ticks, and mosquitos! Whether using drops, sprays, collars, or bandanas, being prepared is much better than the alternative.

  • As we approach the Houston summer heat, think about picking up a cooling vest at your local Natural Pawz. Heat exhaustion can be a very serious health issue, especially for certain dog breeds. Cooling products should be used in combination with the portable bowls to avoid heat exhaustion as well as dehydration.

  • Many dogs can experience seasonal allergies, just like humans. Maintaining allergy supplements from Herbsmith and Homepet (which can be found at your local Natural PAwz) can help to avoid these symptoms and let your pups enjoy the great outdoors! We also have veterinarian-grade treatment for any hot spots or rashes that can come from seasonal allergies.

  • Sometimes enjoying the great outdoors means getting some bumps and scrapes. Natural Pawz carries pet-friendly first aid kits, as well as clot-it, which is a natural mineral-based product that stops bleeding FAST.

  • Dehydrated meals are great fast food meals for dogs that are still healthy and delicious! Brands like The Honest Kitchen, Grandma Lucy's, Cloudstar Wellmade, Primal, and Stella & Chewy carry a wide variety of flavors, and these dinners are much easier to take camping or hiking than dry food (kibble).

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