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Executive Director

Jill manages the day-to-day operations of BLC and oversees the implementation of board-directed strategic initiatives. Her background in communications and marketing drives her work on fundraising and raising awareness of BLC's work in the community. She has a bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and is a certified Professional Community and Economic Developer. Experience gained in her previous role, working on public policy issues for a local watershed organization, inspired her to start BLC's first Public Policy Committee. Growing up in a small, Nebraska farming community gave her a love and appreciation for open spaces. When she's not in the office, Jill enjoys hiking, reading and indulging her creative side by trying new recipes.


Watershed - Jill lives in the Greens Bayou watershed  


Conservation Director

Becky oversees land project management and strategic planning for land conservation at BLC. She has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Florida and an M.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries from Texas A&M University. Her previous experience was focused on environmental regulatory compliance, wetlands permitting and mitigation banking. Becky’s goal is to increase and maintain BLC’s preserved lands and reconnect people to the area’s natural beauty. In addition to her love of the local outdoors, she enjoys traveling, working with her hands and playing/coaching/watching soccer.

Watershed - Becky lives in the White Oak watershed  


Land Stewardship Director

Suzanne oversees the protection and enhancement of BLC’s conservation lands, as well as the Spring Creek Nature Trail and the No Child Left Inside environmental education program. She is responsible for assessing the ecological values of new conservation projects and maintaining key landowner relationships. Her stewardship philosophy balances protecting wildlife habitat with the importance of community access to natural spaces. She has a B.S. in Biology from Texas A&M University and an M.S. in Interdisciplinary Ecology from the University of Florida, where she studied the thermal ecology of an invasive anuran. Suzanne maintains a certification as a professional Ecologist with the Ecological Society of America. When she’s not outside working for BLC, she enjoys “herping” (searching for reptiles and amphibians) and hanging out with her ever-growing menagerie of critters.

Watershed - Suzanne lives in the Buffalo Bayou watershed  


Community Relations Manager

Melissa provides leadership for BLC in developing outreach strategies and volunteer engagement opportunities that support its mission. She has a B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Events Management from Sam Houston State University. Her previous experience is in non-profit management with expertise planning valuable membership engagement events and fundraisers. Coming from a family of nature enthusiasts, Melissa spent a lot of time outdoors camping, canoeing and hiking as a child. She continues to fuel her love for nature by exploring all over the United States and visiting the National Parks. She gets outdoors by riding her bike along Houston’s bayou trail system, and backyard gardening.

Watershed - Melissa lives in the White Oak - Bayou-Buffalo Bayou watershed  


Office Administrator

After graduating high school in Colorado, Cherie’s biggest goal was to “make a difference” and “to help people,” so she went into the medical field where she spent 25-30 years doing just that. Born and raised in Denver, and then spending the last 12 years in Colorado Springs, she found herself enjoying the outdoors more and more with every passing year. A lot of her time was spent visiting various parts of the Rocky Mountains, weather permitting of course.

In 2013, Cherie moved to Houston with her family and came across an incredible opportunity with Bayou Land Conservancy that would allow her to have the best of all worlds: making a difference and helping people, all while enjoying her new found love of nature!

Watershed - Cherie lives in the Walnut Creek - Spring Creek watershed