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Stewardship Society

Stewardship Society members are community leaders who support Bayou Land Conservancy with an annual, unrestricted donation of $1,000 or more. These gifts are a commitment to Bayou Land Conservancy's mission to preserve land along streams for flood control, clean water, and wildlife. 

Membership Benefits:

  • Invitation to an exclusive annual event for Stewardship Society members

  • A deeper connection to the work of Bayou Land Conservancy through exclusive insider communications from BLC leadership

  • Recognition for your support

  • Plus all the benefits of a regular Bayou Land Conservancy membership

For questions or more information about the Stewardship Society contact

Jill Boullion, Executive Director at 281-576-1634 or by email

Stewardship Society Members

Caroline & James Barnes

Bill Bass

Mary & David Bauer

William Beres
Dr. Matthew & Tracy Berg
Jill & Patrick Boullion
Jordana & Ken Fatur
Marguerite & Bruce Ference
Andrew Fritsch
Dr. & Mrs. Milton Gray

Rhoda Goldberg

Kathie & Richard Herrick

Pamela Huston Slocomb 
Carol & Peter Jensen
Sandra & Richard Jespersen

Esther Jimenez & Jeff Circle

Michael & Maegan Jimenez
Linda & David Knowles

Elizabeth & Jonathan Lok

Margaret Madeley

Joan & Mark Mateker

Michelle & Clay McGovern

Ashley & Christian Nelly
Sonya & Michael Nelson

Sherri & David Nock

Wade Phelps
Diana & Tom Philpot
H. Russell Pitman
Lisa Lin & Sam Poe
Dr. Susan Davy & Robert Rehak
Cole & Kristen Robbins
Ginny & James Robertson
Andrea & Scott Saenger
Mary Ann & John Stacy

Carol Stelling
Melanie & Carson Stokes
Shirley & Joe Swinbank
Sarah & Brandon Tuck
Amanda & Sergio Van Dusen
Tammy & Gary Walston
David Waters

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