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Land Lover Club

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Bayou Land Conservancy's Land Lovers are members who are thoroughly engaged in helping us meet our forever promise to the lands we preserve by making an easy, monthly donation of $15 or more.


By giving monthly, you help us plan our year with a little more certainty, spending less time on fundraising and more time on programs like Spring Creek Greenway Ambassadors and No Child Left Inside. Monthly donations also keep you connected to our mission of preserving land for flood control, clean water, and wildlife. 
A monthly donation of $15 or more gives you official Land Lover status!
You'll be rewarded for your monthly commitment:

  • Invitations to member-only events and tours

  • Your name listed on the land lover page of the BLC website

  • A Land Lover Club decal

 You choose the monthly investment meaningful to you, and we'll do the rest!  Welcome to the Land Lovers Club!

Land Lovers Who Have Joined the Club

Maria Barragan

Bill Bass

Mary & David Bauer

Brian Beebe

Tracy & Matthew Berg

Sharad & Kaplan Bijanki

Collin Bolen

Jill & Pat Boullion

Joanne “JoJo” and Mike Bradbury

Douglas Brown

Robert Burke

Darolyn Butler

Rene and Aram Derewetzky

Sharon & Steve Durio

Steve Ellison

Stacy Faecher

Marguerite & Bruce Ference 

Matt Genotte

Rhoda Goldberg

Matt Gregory

Clay Hall

Robby Hendrick

Justin Hicks

Ann Hightower

Stephanie and Mike Howlett

Megan & Michael Jimenez

Scott Kahney

Elisa Kaplan

Lisa Lin & Sam Poe

Sara Madole

Leah & Steve Malerich

Gillian Maleski

Becky & Diego Martinez

Ali and Thomas Mathieu

Brian McCulloch
Clay & Michelle McGovern

Sonya & Michael Nelson

Paula and Geoff Newton

Jill Norris

Kyle Noyes

Louise Odogwu

Carol Oeller

Julie & Alex Pabon

Diana & Tom Philpot

Jacqueline Prescott 

Amy Rose

Susan Rosenbaum and Eric Schoen

Shelley Roth

Lori & Eric Schinsing

Helen & Dave Sherwood

Suzanne Simpson

Madison Smith

Mary Ann & John Stacy

Jennifer Stewart

Melanie & Carson Stokes

Brandon Tuck

Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen

Ron Walton

David Waters

Candace Williams

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