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Conservation Heroes Come in All Sizes

Bayou Land Conservancy’s relationship with Eliana Introligator began this February. It all started with a donation on February 6th. The donation came from a friend of Eliana’s in honor of her birthday. Their message read:

“Happy Birthday to our beautiful, adventurous, smart, funny girl. We love your fearless spirit and how you seek new experiences and live everything in the first person. You are amazing and we wish you the Happiest Birthday!”

Donations in honor of others are seen often at BLC, but on February 25th we got an influx of donations all wishing Eliana a happy birthday once again! Thanking her for giving to a great cause and conserving the beauty of nature.

When we reached out, we found out that Eliana had just turned 8 years old! Eliana’s birthday is close to the winter holidays, which used to leave the Introligator’s shelves overflowing with toys and gifts at the beginning of the year. A few years ago, Eliana’s parents had talked about giving back and began asking her birthday guests to donate to a cause instead of giving gifts

Eliana holding BLC swag
Eliana shows off her BLC swag

This year, Eliana chose BLC as her organization because she plays and hikes on the Spring Creek Nature Trail all the time. After noticing a BLC sign on the trail she and her father looked us up! BLC was not only chosen for our mission but also because most of Eliana’s friends can relate to the Spring Creek Nature Trail since it’s right in their backyard. Eric Introligator, Eliana’s father, says,

“The Spring Creek Nature Trail is integral to all that the Woodlands is about”

It is never too early to learn about giving. This year is Eliana’s largest success yet with her donations adding up to $440! Thank you for leaving a land conservation legacy, Eliana! Next time you step on a trail to explore the woods or listen to bird songs and the wind in the trees, consider those sounds of heartfelt gratitude from the land you have helped us protect. Your gift helps us protect our community from floods, keep our drinking water clean, and provide habitat for wildlife and recreational space for people.

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