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September 18, 2018 | Lisa Murray

I joined the Texas Stream Team because I saw it as a way to help keep track of the water quality in our area. As the population continues to grow, I am interested in being part of studying the impact of development and how our resources such as water are affected by both us and the forces of nature. Since beginning testing in January 2017 I have seen the extremes of dry conditions and flood conditions. I am constantly amazed to see how the site recovers on its own, or what is needed to help restore it after events such as Hurricane Harvey.

The monthly commitment of Stream Team challenges me to get out in nature when I might not normally choose to. Being a member of the TX Stream Team has helped me learn that I can get out in the dreary months of winter or the heat of summer and find some time during the day when it is pleasant and inviting. I do love to get out and walk in nature to see all the seasonal changes at my sampling site.

Being part of Stream Team offers new ways for me to interact with people. Walking to the site or while testing, we often see people enjoying the trails or the stream in the preserve. When people ask what we are doing, we have a chance to tell them about Stream Team and our part. They often share a little of their story and what they love about the preserve. My husband and I have recently started helping finish the certification process by doing the Phase III training with people in our area who have completed Phase I and II and are waiting to become active Stream Team members. I look forward to this new aspect of my experience and helping more people continue on the path of becoming passionate TX Stream Team members.

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