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Become a Land Lover to make your land conservation impact even bigger!

Jackie Smolik is a Bayou Land Conservancy (BLC) Board Member, Ambassador, and Land Lover! "I believe that it's important to not only give your time, but to give donations to the things that are important to you as well. It gives you a sense of pride to not only invest your time and effort, but to give and see the results of your donations. As a Land Lover, you're buying in to the programs that you support to make your community (and in this case the environment) a better place."

In her day job, Jackie works as a project manager at Spirit Environmental for the natural and cultural resources department. "As an environmental consultant, we work for clients far and wide...but being part of BLC allows me to effect change in my local community. I can immediately see and benefit from the results of the time, effort, and money I put into the organization. Preserving land for flood control, clean water, and wildlife in my local community benefits me by protecting my home from flood waters, protects the quality of my drinking supply, and allows us to preserve nature for future generations."

"As a Land Lover I make a monthly donation that helps to maintain the program and mission of Bayou Land conservancy", explains Jackie. "A little goes a long way...any donation I've made has given me a sense of pride that helps motivate me to be even more of an integral part of this great organization. I hope you will consider giving at least $15/month, I promise you will feel this same sense of pride that I do!"

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